Thursday, August 6, 2009

I Stink

Not literally stink, well, I guess sometimes I do if I have been playing outside with the boys and need a shower, but typically, I smell like beautiful flowers, like every girl should, even after playing outside in 95 degree heat with the boys! I am a girl, girls ALWAYS smell good...oh but wait, this is not about how I smell, this is about how I STINK at blogging. I STINK at making a commitment to blog once a day for 30 days, hoping to start a habit. I STINK!


Last week I posted that I would start doing a post everyday, starting August 1st, for 30 days. But I did start a few days early, posted about my son's 4Th birthday. On Friday, the last day of July, I thought, oh no I have already messed up and not kept to my daily posting. Then relief came over me that it wasn't August 1st yet. The end of the month is always crazy at I was encouraged, and decided the next day, after coming home from work I would get to blogging. Welp, it is August 6Th and I haven't blogged yet! I STINK! I like blogging. I like the idea of my boys finding my blog one day and reading memories I wanted to save. But apparently, I STINK at it! Whew. Thank goodness for do overs! So I start over today! I must warn you though, on August 10Th I will be out of town and no where near a I will definitely skip that day! OYE!'s to trying again! I guess I wouldn't feel so much pressure if I hadn't missed so many months and had so much to catch up on. I mean, this is a blog about my boys! And a lot of things have happened to them & with them since April....

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