Thursday, January 29, 2009

Love Notes

So, my 5 year old Chase started kindergarten this year. It has been fun/challenging for both of us. He likes it, but doesn't. He would rather be here playing with Seth & I. But he has made some friends. And I have even had to hear about his "girlfriend". He doesn't even talk to her, but just thinks she is pretty. He once told me he thought she was so pretty because she had hair "like his granny". Which I thought was so sweet. He loves my mom so much. Well, today he gets a note in his book bag. I thought it was for me, he typically will write CJ & I cards on days they have "indoor recess". I initially thought it was for us, but at closer look, it was TO: Chase FROM: MITY(her name is misty, she forgot the s) Now this is NOT the same girl. I said, well, Chase look at this...he says "oh man...that girl loves me, she makes me everything!" I say, do you like her? "NO, she isn't as pretty as Krista" well her note to Chase read "I "heart" you" it was a drawn heart. I was like, wow Chase. He said, "yeah she wrote me this silly note once before with just a bunch of numbers on it, I didn't understand it so I threw it away" My response was Oh...a bunch of my head I am realizing a 5 year old little girl gave my son her phone number! I don't know about you but when I was 5 we were playing girls chase boys or visa versa on the playground and that was it....but now, there are loves notes & phone numbers being passed around? I mean, I think Chase is one of the 2 cutest boys ever(Seth being the other) but, I am his mom, and he is 5. Did I tell you that already? 5. I don't know how to feel about this, other than utter fear for what may lie ahead! I mean, I thought I had a few more years before girls started "throwing" themselves at my boys! OYE! I know we live in a different age, I know too, he is in a public school, all of those kids come from all kinds of backgrounds! So, I am laughing, it is cute, but really on the inside I am shaking...I have got to step up my prayers for my boys! But, I must say, I thank God Chase was clueless about the phone number! Who knows, that kid would have probably tried to call her, and I wonder, does she think he is going to call her? Is she sad that he hasn't yet? I mean, Chase calls my parents when I don't know it, uses my cell phone, they are on speed dial, but that is the extent of his phone usage...and I plan to keep it that way for years to come!

*sigh* so I am going to bed processing this....but this is definitely one I didn't want to forget! My baby is growing up WAY too fast!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I remembered...

...something that made me laugh out loud when "Sethy" was sitting on the pot...we talked about how his "bottom likes to explode" and then there would be a break and he would say "get ready mom, its gonna blow again! ahhhhhh BOOM told ya" I know to most, this may sound wierd, gross, or I am just crazy for posting it...but boy was I laughing... hard! CJ & Chase kept saying..."are you guys ok? having fun hanging out in the bathroom should we come join the potty party" it made quite the impression on me!

Addedum To Previous Post

I have to give credit where credit is due. I mentioned in my first post about my friend who got me started with this whole blogging thing. I only mentioned her as a friend. When really I should have said who she is. My friend Kate. My green bean Friend. My BFF. Or as my sister puts it My "person". You know that person? The one who knows WAY too much about you? But because they know that much about you there is a comfort there in your friendship. It is a lifelong friendship. A friendship that no distance, or time that passes your friendship will sustain. To laugh, cry, talk, be angry with(not with that person but you know just angry) and tell too much to. I fear if our husbands only knew about some of our conversations we would be forbidden to speak ever again! I am blessed beyond words. If you don't have a Friend like this, you don't know what you are missing. I am blessed that the Lord had our paths cross, and our mutual love for hair and just talking about anything & nothing only drew us together. For about 5 years now I think we haven't lived close to each other...maybe an hour or longer at times...but that didn't stop us. We only got closer as we talked daily on the phone or emailed. I had to get the free long distance thing, because if I didn't have it, oye, I would hate to see that bill! My cell phone bill suffers a bit, because my life is spent on the road, but if I don't get my daily Kate fix, even my husband notices, cuz I am talking his ear off:) Just the other day he said, boy you are chatty...haven't talked to Kate in a few days:) So here is to my friend Kate! I love reading her blogs, because she is funny. I love "reading" about things she has told me about it, cuz I get a different perspective, and then there are things I don't know about that she will write about, and that makes us closer:) And then there are things that I know she probably told me, but I "forget" about(I mentioned my forgetfulness too in my first post) and reading about it, keeps me out of trouble:) And because I have to do everything Kate does:) Get a dog, start a blog, facebook, myspace, I mean, I think we were seperated at birth, only so our mom's wouldn't pull their hair out with the 2 of us in the same house!

So thanks Kate for encouraging me to start this blog:) I only hope to be half the woman you are one day, and maybe your sense of humor will rub off on me! :-)

Proverbs 18:24 " A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a Friend who sticks closer than a brother."

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Not for the weak stomach

So, I have been considering starting a blog for a while now. My friend does it, and I love reading hers. Her point is so she can remember fun things, or just memories from their life. I am no good at writing things down, I thought...I should do that. I have put it off and put it off and put it off. What has thrown me over the edge to actually start my own blog you may ask? Well, diarrhea actually. Yep, you read right. I was sitting on the bathroom floor with my 3 year Seth, I thought, I need to put this down, because it was just one of those moments.

Seth is my youngest, 3. He is nothing but energy. The other evening he had a bad bout of diarrhea. When this happens to him, he gets upset. Sometimes he cries, other times he just gets scared. We have had many conversations about diarrhea. Anyway, he had a TON of blueberries that day, so you can imagine, it was quite a different color, and it didn't smell bad, but it wouldn't stop. He was so upset. He wouldn't let me leave the bathroom. So for half and hour I sat on the bathroom floor just talking to my boy. We started of talking about the diarrhea, the color, the smell, why do people get it, he hates it, etc. But then because it wouldn't stop the conversation just took a whole new direction. See, this happened 3 days ago and the funny things he was telling me I can't remember, I should have started this blog that night! But I do remember cracking up laughing, belly laughing at my 3 year old, sitting on the pot,me on the floor. We laughed and he pooped, we laughed more, he pooped more, he just didn't' want me to leave. So when finally I thought it was safe to get up...he gets up and put his little hiny in my face and said "can you take care of the dirty work for is too hard today". AHHH the joys of motherhood!

But, that day, it took diarrhea for me to just stop, stop the dishes, stop the cleaning, just stop and talk to my boy! So, as gross as parts of this was, Seth and I had a moment that day, and it was good.