Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dear Blog,

I have thought of you often over the past few months. Thought of what a good thing we had going then I let life get in the way. I know, I know, I am on the computer constantly for one reason or another, so why should it be so hard to just write a sentence or two of some of my favorite parts of my daily life with my boys? Sigh...because I am not good at condensing maybe? Because I feel the need to chronicle every last, little, minute detail of that memory? Because I am just long winded person and haven't mastered the art some of my favorite bloggers have, short, to the point, witty, catching from the first sentence and leaving you wanting more at the last. Because I feel like if I can't do that...than why should I blog? Oh, the reasons, excuses, all trivial. This blog was created for me. For me to leave my memories of my boys behind so one day they can stumble across this and laugh, and maybe cry at the words their crazy, goofy, mom decided was worthy enough to blog about. So, now so many months have passed. So many fun things have gone on, so many memories, some of which are now stuck in the black hole in my brain, and who knows if I will ever remember them again. I am faced with the question, where do I start? Do I back track? Do I try to catch up? Or do I just start from now? Hmmmm....

If I had a group of followers like PW, maybe I would pose this question to them and get their opinion, but I don't, this is my private little blog. So, I think I will mix it with both. The then and the now...and hopefully will continue to get better at this blogging my memories this. It is so much easier than journaling, I don't know why I wouldn't want to continue it. Especially since you are such a great listener!

So dear blog. I have missed you and thought of you often. I have a list of things to catch you up on...so be prepared for memory overload! My boys are fun, and funny, and we have had a lot go on these past few months and have a lot going on in the upcoming months...so. Thank you for your understanding and willingness to listen, even when I neglect you.

With Love,