Sunday, September 6, 2009

It's The Little Things

Every morning Seth is ALWAYS the first one up in our house! Every morning is the same. I hear him get up, go "potty", brush his teeth, then he comes to wake me up. So I like to pretend like I am asleep, even though I wake up as soon as he shuts the bathroom door. He shakes me and tickles me, sometimes sits on my head:) It is a fun morning routine we have going. But what makes me smile the that he brushes his teeth, every morning, without being asked or reminded 500 times! He just does it, he LOVES brushing his teeth, and then when Chase wakes up Seth nags him until he does it:) I like that too:) Seth is very concerned about having healthy teeth! And it is just one less thing I have to worry about in the morning...the crazy mornings now that we are back to school. And it just makes me smile! Like I said...It's the Little Things!

My First Grader

That's my first grader! This year we have turned over a new leaf he & I. We are not going to argue over what he wears to long as he trusts me when I tell him something doesn't match. Other than that, I am letting him pick out his clothes, and you see what he picked out for his first day? Silly boy! He loves that shirt! His Granny gave it to him. There is a story behind it...but that is for another post. This post is about my first grader! We have made it through the first week of school and so far this is what happened:

1) He met his teacher at the back to school picnic and informed her his "worst enemy" was in his class and he was upset about it! I think I was proud of him for telling her...he made her aware that there was a kid in the class who wasn't nice to him.
2) On the first day of school his teacher asked his name--completely understandable not remembering all the kids names--but then she said, "did we meet at the picnic?" UH...I guess the bully conversation didn't make an impression on her?
3) He learned that "girls are bossy and only play what they want to play and all they do is giggle" welp...he learned that early & it is keeping him from playing with the girls and having a "girlfriend" so I am cool with that.
4) He has learned silly jokes that I don't think I am cool with & has started mocking Seth...and I am definitely not cool with that
5) He has learned that the swine flu is real and it kills people and the vaccine comes out in Oct & he has to get it!
6) There are foxes that like to play on the playground
7) He loves art and computers
8) You can see Mars next to the moon right now
9) Lunch is only 30min and that is not enough time for him to eat all of his food
10) His teacher is nice

As for reading, writing, arithmetic--not too sure about that--he did say he liked school. He is proud of his "big boy desk" that he can put things in. He does like his teacher a lot.

Chase obsesses over things, so the swine flu & the foxes have been a lot of the topic of the conversation at home...he gets worried easily! So...

I think it is safe to say CJ & I have our year cut out for us! I am just thankful that Chase talks and communicates with that when things arise, like the mocking or the swine flu, we can combat it as his parents or reassure him as his parents!

Here is to a safe rest of the year! It is different for me this year, I don't know the teacher so well, I am not walking him inside school to his classroom anymore, we are walking him to school, which we all love including the dog! I can't believe he is in the 1st grade. He is growing up so quickly!