Monday, March 30, 2009

Seth - isms

Seth keeps me laughing. I am never sure what will come out of his are just a few things I found quite funny & want to remember, so I can tease him about it, in a few years;-)

Last Sunday when Chase got baptized we had lunch with my parents & CJ's dad. My dad was teasing Chase about the "most beautiful girl in the world" I guess when dad was doing that Chase told Dad "it must be Krista" just teasing my Dad, full knowing Dad was teasing him cuz he thinks Granny is the prettiest:-)

Well, Seth says, "nope, it's Mia" Who is Mia we all ask...."My girlfriend" you had to see him BEAMING when he said it. OYE! I have got my hands full!!! My 3 year old thinks he has a girlfriend!

Yesterday Seth helped me make macaroni for dinner. When we sit down to dinner, Chase, Seth & I Seth says:

"OK guys...Enjoy" to which Chase rolls his eyes and Seth promptly replies "I am the best cooker in the whole world, I said Enjoy"

We are eating, well Seth & I were, and Seth stops and says

"hey mom, can you get Chase his medicine for me...I think it is time" again Chase rolls his I smile and thank my boy for being so concerned for his big brother;-) (Chase has been sick for a few days now)

Still at the same dinner Chase thinks he can eat some orange jello, so I asked Seth to grab it for him Seth: "On It!"

Seth delivers the orange jello and a spoon to Chase "Order up sir--Enjoy" (yes, Chase rolled his eyes again!)

Can you tell they work around the restaurant industry???

CJ & I were cracking up at that kid later on when I was relaying all his Seth-isms to Daddy;-) He is quite the character and the best part though, are his expressions and inflections! One day I will catch something on video & you will be able to see & hear!

CJ hates that he misses some of these, so I am trying to write them down as much as I can...

Lastly I will leave you with a Seth question to ponder

" If you poke your eyeball & it falls out, do you have to buy a new one?"

Yeah...I wasn't going to go there either, I just let that one hang...too afraid he was contemplating poking his eyeball!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Well, this could be a long post, so if you have the time grab some coffee & prepare to read.....

My dad is a pastor. I think that is really cool, he has been an ordained pastor for about 2 years now...before that he was preaching & teaching, he just didn't have the "official" title.

We live about an hour from my dad's church. He is the pastor of a church I have been affiliated with since I was 16-I am almost 33-that is a long time. I started attending the youth group there with a guy friend back then, when he left, I never did. I stayed involved with the youth. My parents started visiting, we went to Guatemala with the church, me, my mom & my dad, that was cool too. It is a great church. But, being that we live an hour from there, we don't attend regularly. We have found a pretty good church near us.

Anyway, one Sunday about a year ago we visited dad's church & little did we know, it was a baptism Sunday. Me & the boys got to see my dad baptize people! Chase was mesmerized. We watched, Chase asked a bazillion and one questions...we left and driving home the questions continued. He called my dad & told my dad he wanted to be bap-ti-tized when he was 5.

Periodically throughout this past year, Chase & I would talk about being baptized and what it meant. I always encouraged him that there was no magic age. It was when he was ready. The church we are going to up here, taught about being baptized in "kid zone" and he came home and asked "when am I going to be bap-ti-tized already?"So I told him we needed to talk to Daddy & Grandpa.

So he told CJ he wanted to be baptized and CJ asked him why & what that meant. My then 5 year old replied:
"it means that you want to show people you have invited Jesus to live in your heart & forgive your sins, it is a symbol that Jesus washes you clean"

I am sure I am getting the verbiage wrong, but it was something like thatSo CJ said, OK, that sounds good to me, call & talk to Grandpa. So we did. We set up his baptism.

A week or so before the baptism CJ at dinner CJ asked Chase again what it meant to be baptized. Chase basically said the same thing. Then CJ asked if Chase knew who baptized Jesus, and Chase replied "John the Baptist" and then CJ asked him why Jesus got baptized and Chase looked at me and said "uhh...because God told him to..."

So, Chase turned 6 on 3/18 and got baptized on 3/22/2009. It was a humbling experience for me. This whole process has been.

My conversations with Chase about Jesus and His love for us never cease to amaze me & Chase stumps me lots with all of his in depth questions:-) His concern for others is amazing! He prays about everything. If I don't feel well, if he doesn't feel well, if he is losing at bowling on the Wii, he will pray that God will help him get a strike:-) I hope he never loses that! Seems like he teaches me to pray without ceasing!

It was a really cool day. My dad....baptizing my son! I can't wait to see Seth get baptized by my dad...come to think of it, I can't wait to see CJ get baptized by my dad...I can't wait to see my dad marry my is pretty special thing, my dad being a my grandpa was:-)

A friend asked Chase what it felt like or what he felt when he got baptized his reply...."Wet"

and from what dad & Chase say the water was FREEZING!

I sure am a proud mamma & very blessed mamma!


Chase turned six last week. I have just been too tired to write about today I have some catching up to do on here. On 3/18 my baby turned six. I am always wondering, where did the time go? It seems like yesterday that he was born!

Enough with the sentimentalisms....Chase wanted a surprise party for his birthday. He was excited about having a house where he could have a birthday party. He wanted the cieling, the floor, everything to be decorated...and he wanted everyone to jump out & say "surprise". So...that is what we did. It was fun planning it. We had our famlies here & a friend from his class, just enough to keep me busy, but not too many to make me go out of my mind:-) I tried to make it a Mario party. They hunted for coins & had stars in the goody was fun. The look on Chase's face was priceless....CJ had taken him out when he came in, he shut the door on CJ, and was shocked! I was shocked he didn't notice my mom's car! It was really fun. I got choked up & a bit teary eyed!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I like to sing. I actually love it...although, not sure if too many other people enjoy hearing me sing, but I subject my boys to it all day long! From jamming in the car with them to making up all sorts of silly songs at home...

I have made up a good morning song for them, a cuddle song for Chase, a variety of bathtub songs, I even made up a pooping on the potty song for Chase when he was being potty trained. For some reason the kid did not want to ever poop on the I sat with him and sat with him and made up a song! Craziness. CJ just shakes his head & laughs at me. I sing I love you to them, I sing pick up our toys & clothes songs, I sing songs about heart is full of joy when I hear the boys sing on their own. Chase is loving "kid zone" at church & he will sing songs he learns is fun learning new ways to sing the old Sunday school favorites. I hear Seth singing in the bathroom...a lot...that makes me smile, never quite sure what he is singing, but he is singing!

Well, my make my heart smile moment happened on Monday. I picked Chase up from school & he runs out, gives me a great big hug--which I am relishing right now because I know these days of running out & giving mom big hugs aren't going to last for long--on a side note, I make Chase promise that when he is taller than me--as tall as CJ(6'7) that he will always hug his mamma--anywho, he seemed fine. But as we were walking to the car, he was staying back a little, mumbling to himself and then tearing up. It was very strange...we got in the car and he told me of a substitute he didn't like so much. I was confused, because he didn't get in trouble, but he said she was mean and should be fired(he is dramatic--always) So I made sure nothing happened, and figured he was tired.

We get home, he has his moment of sulking & crying, and then we sit down for dinner. As he is "preparing his food" salt, pepper etc. He just breaks out in song about his day...

"why oh why when do I have to have bad days. why oh why does that mean lady work at school. why oh why do I have to have baaaaaaaaad days at schooOOOOL....then come home and eat dinnnnnnerrrrrrRRRRR"

Trying to give you the full picture of his inflections and BIG finish.

He was trying to cheer himself up I think. He needed to just tell us he had a bad day...and that is how it came song. While I was sad that the poor kid was tired & had had a rough heart smiled because he was expressing himself in song:) And my heart smiled even bigger when CJ acknowledged that it was my doing by saying..."He is definitely YOUR child"

We all smiled and laughed and were able to end Chase's bad day on a good NOTE! (ha I make myself laugh)

Funny Boys

My boys spent the weekend with my parents...and loved it. They had so much fun, Chase never wants to come home. He told me on Sunday on the way back to our house, he wanted to live with Granny forever! Isn't that sweet? ;-)

So as we were driving a song comes on, that every time I hear it, it is my prayer for my boys. The chorus says "I wish for you that you would love the Lord your God with all your heart with all your soul and with all your mind" It is a very simple song by Nicole C. Mullen, but it is truly my heart's desire for my children & my daily prayer. So I tell them, hey guys, this is mommy's song to you...Chase listened for a minute & replies:

"I will never love you that much mom, you are too mean to us" *sigh* I did explain to him, not me, the Lord...and he smiled & says, "you know God loves us that much"

And the rest of the way home, every song was their song to me, or their song to daddy or their song to each was fun.
After we got home CJ & the boys were hanging out playing Mario Party 8 on the Wii. It has all these little mini games & they challenge each other. Well, they are all good at trash talking, thanks to daddy, but it is all in good fun. So CJ tells Seth "you better watch out or you'll be toast"

Next thing I hear from Seth was "OH NO I just got toasted" and he dramatically fell to the floor!

I don't know why, but that just cracked me up! It is fun to hear how their minds work. It is also fun to see them have so much fun together! It makes my heart smile.