Monday, March 15, 2010

Angel Moment's Part Two


Chase was a little over a year old. We were in my bedroom, I was ironing CJ's clothes and he was just crawling around. It was a pretty routine occurence. Never did I think he would try to pull himself up on my vanity, actually pulling it over on wasn't a big vanity, but the oval mirror shattered all over, right in his face! Do you know, that kid didn't have one scracth, cut, nothing anywhere! The glass should have gotten in his eyes, or his mouth, but nothing. All he was was scared. I wish I had a picture(okay, not really) just to show you how badly the mirror shattered and that there is no other explanation for Chase not to have gotten hurt except for and angel must have had her wings over my son!

Chase fell off the bed as an infant(on daddy's watch!) and was fine. He fell down a flight of stairs as an infacnt(again, on daddy's watch-hey just keeping it real) and he was fine! He fell out of a grocery cart at the age of 3(my watch, I'll admit it) and he was fine. And yes, we went to the hospital for most of these occurences! They were all scary! You don't mess with head injuries. But each time, he was fine! Boy, we sound like stellar parents don't we? OYE! There have been so many bumps, bruises, cuts, scrapes, just like a little boy should get. But the Lord has kept my son from major injuries. He has protected him in ways, I will never know! He did have to have stitches in his cheek at the age of 2(daddy's watch!) but even that, God protected and provided a really cool scar for Chase. We like to refer to it as his "chick magnet" :) Not that we are encouraging him to be into chicks at the age of 7 but you know:) We do tell him "chicks will dig it"


When he was 2 I had undergone 2 surgeries and was still in a very fragile physical state in my recovery. It was very hard for me to take care of them. They had just come home from my parents(they stayed with them the majority of my recovery time)and I couldn't lift them, but I was trying to get back into a "normal" routine. CJ had to go to work, I needed something from the grocery store, so I asked CJ if I could run out before he left for work so could get what I needed without the boys. There was NO way I could take the 2 boys with me to the store in the condition I was in. So he said yes. He works nights(CJ) he is a tired guy! I wasn't at the store for more than 10min when I get a phone call from CJ asking me if I had taken Seth with me. I was like "no, you said you had them". He hung up on me...and I was left standing in the middle of the store wondering where my 2 year old was. I don't know exactly how it went down, but CJ dozed off. Chase came woke him up (he was 4) and said "Daddy, I can't find Seth". So he got up, couldn't find him either & called me. Well as soon as he hung up with me, he noticed the front door to the apartment was cracked open and of course, fear gripped his heart. Just then, someone knocked on the door and asked if this was our son. He had Seth! He told CJ Seth had crossed the street to the other set of buildings in our complex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, he was 2, there was no way he "knew" where we lived. CJ was hugging Seth and didn't notice the guy had left. He went after the guy to thank him and the guy was GONE! AGAIN, there wasn't anywhere he could have gotten THAT quickly, but he was NOWHERE to be found!!!! I believe an angel was watching over my son. He CROSSED the street...NO CARS hit my son! No "bad" people took my son! No harm was done! And Seth wasn't the least bit scared! Are you kidding me? That isn't luck! That is the protection of God! And who knew Seth was smart enought to figure out how to unlock the door and leave. CJ asked where he was going and Seth told him the "pwaygwand" which was right next to our building...not across the street! My heart stopped that day in the store. I was paralyzed really when CJ hung up on me. I didn't know what to do, I felt like I had been punched in the stomach! When he called back...I knew God had watched over my child!!!!

Seth has swallowed a penny! Seth has had a 106.5 degree temp! Seth has fallen off the monkey bars! Seth has had he fair share of scrapes, bruises etc. And God has protected my son!

Reading through this, I know we won't get parent of the year awards, and possibly someone might say we need to take a parenting class or two or ten...but I know all you mom & dad's know, things happen! We love our boys with our entire being, and we do the very best that we can! I know these won't be the last time my boys get hurt! And with Chase in school, his hurts are becoming emotional these days, with so many mean kids & bullies out there! But I know that God has chosen me to be thier mom! God has given me the responsibility of praying for my boys! I pray for so many things for them. That they will grow to be strong men on their knees seeking after God's heart! That they will know God's love and grace! That they will be men of integrity and honor and purity! That they will choose Godly women for their wives. That they will be awesome dad's. That they will be happy in all they do in life! But most of all, I pray for their protection, physical, spiritual, emotional! Because I know God hears my prayers! I know He answers them, the above stories are testimonies of that!

Thank you God for your angels! May you always send your angels to watch over my precious gifts!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Angel Moments Part One

Part of my nightly prayer I pray WITH my boys: " Lord I thank you for Chase and Seth. Your incredible gifts to Daddy & me! I pray that you will protect them. Guard their hearts, minds, bodies, souls and spirits, keep them from all evil and harm, no matter where they go or who they are with. Send your angels to guard them and keep them always"

We have had some amazing "angel moments" where I have seen first hand God answer the above prayer and keep my boys safe! I thought I need to blog about those! :) Isn't this a reason I started this little blog. Memories for my boys. Who cares if they are memories from their infant days or not right? :) BUT in order to understand why I pray for my boys they way that I do, and my strong belief in God's protection and that He does send his angels I need to share one of my stories...

A Little Background First:

1. I grew up with my Grandpa as a pastor. Whenever we spent anytime at he & Granny's house, if we left to go anywhere, even 5min up the road to the grocery store, we got in a circle, held hands and Grandpa prayed God's protection over us.
2. I have a mom and dad who prayed for me always. My mom would always say "my angels are bigger than yours"

"My Angel"

I went to college in Minneapolis MN. I lived downtown. Now, being from D.C. living in downtown Mpls was nothing! And I lived in the bad part of town, but it was still tame compared to D.C. life! Except for Bloods(yes the gang) who hung out on the corner by our apartment complex. Or the shoot out that had us all "locked down" on campus for a day...but hey...that's nothing-right? Well, I didn't have a car, so I roller bladed to my job and then took a bus home since I got off at 11P.M. The bus stop was about a block from the hotel I worked at, so I had to literally run each night to make the bus...if not, I was sitting and waiting for 45min for the next bus, downtown, at night, all alone. Well, one night, I missed the bus. Not sure why, so I sat down on a bench to wait. I was nervous. But, I am from D.C. I can handle myself! Right! Right? Well, a guy approached me,and started to harass me. He kept getting closer & closer & I was praying in my head "Lord help me!" Just then a BIG man walked up got in between this guy & me and asked me for the time and when the next bus was supposed to show up. Just his presence I guess scared the "mean" guy off...he went running. Just then the bus pulled up and the big guy...GONE! Not walking down the street, not getting on the bus, just GONE! So, I got on the bus and thanked my heavenly Father for sending His angel to protect me!!!!!! Yes, I believe with my entire heart that man was an angel. I knew angels were real, that they existed...but until that night, I didn't realize they could be tangible beings!

I know my parents prayed for me every day! I know they prayed for my protection. And that night, God answered their prayers and mine! It is overwhelming to realize how much I am loved by God!

Years later, now in the present, I have come to the realization that because of the example of my Grandparents and Parents and moments like the one above, I am now praying the same way over my boys and that it is SO important to do so each day, WITH them so one day they may do the same with their kids!

In my next post I will share with you "their" angel moments and how I have seen God answer my prayers where my boys are concerned. The kicker is, I know without a shadow of a doubt that there are so many more ways that He has protected us that I don't even know about! It is humbling to realize how much I am loved by God, even when my heart isn't right. It is humbling to know He hears my prayers. It is humbling to know He loves my boys more than I that is possible, I will never know but I am so glad He does, because without Him where would we be???

I have had a rough couple of days, but in these trying times, things like my "Angel Moments" remind me that I am STILL loved & protected & cared for & provided for by my Heavenly Father and that even though I am parents still pray for me & my family for our protection! It is in these times, I cling to these moments to help get me through.

I know you are all on the edge of your seat now to hear about the boys encounters with "my" angels!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Blizzard Of 2010

We had to go back 100 years to beat the record! 100 years since ANYTHING like this has happened...and it didn't even happen...we beat it! It was fun at first. Then the shoveling began and it stopped being fun. It was pretty at first. Then the snow plows came and people started getting back out on the road and it isn't pretty anymore. It was a crazy experience. Being snowed in at home with the boys while CJ was snowed in at the restaurant all weekend! Thank God for a hotel attached to him! He was safe & warm! The second blizzard, oh, 3 days later, he was home with us! Thankfully. There are really no words to describe what I may do if it snows again this winter! We have had 3 major snow storms and the last 2 brought 4 feet of snow! 4 FEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, if it snows again, even a little bit, I cannot be held responsible for my actions! I like snow, but I don't live in MinneSNOWta anymore for a reason. Maryland is good for a little bit of snow each year...NOT this. So...if it snows again, family, freinds, you can find me in Hawaii! Enjoy the pictures...the boys enjoyed every second. Even the shoveling. They did NOT like Daddy not being here, except for they got to sleep with mommy for 3 nights in a row:) But now, they think, it is supposed to snow like this every winter. I hope not. I hope those people who are screaming and crying about global warming were stuck in this "snow event" too. Global warming...pshaw!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Tim McGraw Experience

I like Tim McGraw. Anyone who knows me, know this. Well, anyone who knows me, knows I am a bit obsessed. But we won't go there. My sister shares my like er uh my obsession. She and I have seen 9 Tim McGraw concerts together! Fun times. Great memories. Chase loves music. Thought it was time to break him we took a trip to Roanoke VA. Met up with cousin Kelsey, Aunt Janet, Uncle Roy, Paige & Olivia for the weekend. My dad, Chase, Fara & & Seth rode along in the car, but they didn't join us for the concert. We all had FUN! Chase was a bit nervous...there were too many people he said. He said "he didn't like big crowds". So, it was an experience because we drove 5 hours to see him. We bonded in the car. We had a lovely dinner with our family & friends. We FINALLY made it to the concert. We took pictures with Tim McGraw on a green screen. We bought t-shirts. There was a seat family's seats had and "obstructed" view. So...they complained & were moved to the floor. We found them on the floor. We waved. Then Tim sang. And danced. And played his guitar. And joked. And laughed. And sang some more. And sang a lot of his old songs. Sigh. This was my 10Th time seeing Tim. But it never gets old or boring. But this time was the best. My son was with me. I was sitting with him & my dad...2 of my favorite men in the world. And even though at one point during the concert Chase looked like this:

It was still the best night ever! I think he is having more fun AFTER the concert. Being able to talk about it with me. To have done something special...just me him & Grandpa. His Aunt Fara bought him a t-shirt. He hasn't taken it off since Friday night. As we were drifting off to sleep after the concert he says "mom, a Tim McGraw concert changes you". Yes, son, yes it does! I remember my first concert & I was changed forever! I don't think Chase was changed like I was...or will be obsessed with Tim's cowboy hat, tight black shirt and tight blue jeans, great laugh, cute smile, or that thing he does hitting his hand on his hip like I am...but he was still changed:) He said hearing someone live is SO different. He thought Tim was OK but now that he has heard him live...he is GREAT! AND he wants to learn the guitar now more than ever. He LOVED watching the band! He was mesmerized. He keeps asking when we are going again. Promising me this time he will stand up & dance with his "crazy mom". Direct quote from Chase!

I love my Daddy...we couldn't have had this awesome, memory making experience without him. It was my Christmas present. I love my Daddy...he has allowed me, no, him & my mom both, have allowed me to make some pretty incredible memories with my boys!

This one, I will never forget...and neither will Chase!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dear Blog,

I have thought of you often over the past few months. Thought of what a good thing we had going then I let life get in the way. I know, I know, I am on the computer constantly for one reason or another, so why should it be so hard to just write a sentence or two of some of my favorite parts of my daily life with my boys? Sigh...because I am not good at condensing maybe? Because I feel the need to chronicle every last, little, minute detail of that memory? Because I am just long winded person and haven't mastered the art some of my favorite bloggers have, short, to the point, witty, catching from the first sentence and leaving you wanting more at the last. Because I feel like if I can't do that...than why should I blog? Oh, the reasons, excuses, all trivial. This blog was created for me. For me to leave my memories of my boys behind so one day they can stumble across this and laugh, and maybe cry at the words their crazy, goofy, mom decided was worthy enough to blog about. So, now so many months have passed. So many fun things have gone on, so many memories, some of which are now stuck in the black hole in my brain, and who knows if I will ever remember them again. I am faced with the question, where do I start? Do I back track? Do I try to catch up? Or do I just start from now? Hmmmm....

If I had a group of followers like PW, maybe I would pose this question to them and get their opinion, but I don't, this is my private little blog. So, I think I will mix it with both. The then and the now...and hopefully will continue to get better at this blogging my memories this. It is so much easier than journaling, I don't know why I wouldn't want to continue it. Especially since you are such a great listener!

So dear blog. I have missed you and thought of you often. I have a list of things to catch you up be prepared for memory overload! My boys are fun, and funny, and we have had a lot go on these past few months and have a lot going on in the upcoming Thank you for your understanding and willingness to listen, even when I neglect you.

With Love,

Sunday, September 6, 2009

It's The Little Things

Every morning Seth is ALWAYS the first one up in our house! Every morning is the same. I hear him get up, go "potty", brush his teeth, then he comes to wake me up. So I like to pretend like I am asleep, even though I wake up as soon as he shuts the bathroom door. He shakes me and tickles me, sometimes sits on my head:) It is a fun morning routine we have going. But what makes me smile the that he brushes his teeth, every morning, without being asked or reminded 500 times! He just does it, he LOVES brushing his teeth, and then when Chase wakes up Seth nags him until he does it:) I like that too:) Seth is very concerned about having healthy teeth! And it is just one less thing I have to worry about in the morning...the crazy mornings now that we are back to school. And it just makes me smile! Like I said...It's the Little Things!

My First Grader

That's my first grader! This year we have turned over a new leaf he & I. We are not going to argue over what he wears to long as he trusts me when I tell him something doesn't match. Other than that, I am letting him pick out his clothes, and you see what he picked out for his first day? Silly boy! He loves that shirt! His Granny gave it to him. There is a story behind it...but that is for another post. This post is about my first grader! We have made it through the first week of school and so far this is what happened:

1) He met his teacher at the back to school picnic and informed her his "worst enemy" was in his class and he was upset about it! I think I was proud of him for telling her...he made her aware that there was a kid in the class who wasn't nice to him.
2) On the first day of school his teacher asked his name--completely understandable not remembering all the kids names--but then she said, "did we meet at the picnic?" UH...I guess the bully conversation didn't make an impression on her?
3) He learned that "girls are bossy and only play what they want to play and all they do is giggle" welp...he learned that early & it is keeping him from playing with the girls and having a "girlfriend" so I am cool with that.
4) He has learned silly jokes that I don't think I am cool with & has started mocking Seth...and I am definitely not cool with that
5) He has learned that the swine flu is real and it kills people and the vaccine comes out in Oct & he has to get it!
6) There are foxes that like to play on the playground
7) He loves art and computers
8) You can see Mars next to the moon right now
9) Lunch is only 30min and that is not enough time for him to eat all of his food
10) His teacher is nice

As for reading, writing, arithmetic--not too sure about that--he did say he liked school. He is proud of his "big boy desk" that he can put things in. He does like his teacher a lot.

Chase obsesses over things, so the swine flu & the foxes have been a lot of the topic of the conversation at home...he gets worried easily! So...

I think it is safe to say CJ & I have our year cut out for us! I am just thankful that Chase talks and communicates with that when things arise, like the mocking or the swine flu, we can combat it as his parents or reassure him as his parents!

Here is to a safe rest of the year! It is different for me this year, I don't know the teacher so well, I am not walking him inside school to his classroom anymore, we are walking him to school, which we all love including the dog! I can't believe he is in the 1st grade. He is growing up so quickly!