Monday, March 30, 2009

Seth - isms

Seth keeps me laughing. I am never sure what will come out of his are just a few things I found quite funny & want to remember, so I can tease him about it, in a few years;-)

Last Sunday when Chase got baptized we had lunch with my parents & CJ's dad. My dad was teasing Chase about the "most beautiful girl in the world" I guess when dad was doing that Chase told Dad "it must be Krista" just teasing my Dad, full knowing Dad was teasing him cuz he thinks Granny is the prettiest:-)

Well, Seth says, "nope, it's Mia" Who is Mia we all ask...."My girlfriend" you had to see him BEAMING when he said it. OYE! I have got my hands full!!! My 3 year old thinks he has a girlfriend!

Yesterday Seth helped me make macaroni for dinner. When we sit down to dinner, Chase, Seth & I Seth says:

"OK guys...Enjoy" to which Chase rolls his eyes and Seth promptly replies "I am the best cooker in the whole world, I said Enjoy"

We are eating, well Seth & I were, and Seth stops and says

"hey mom, can you get Chase his medicine for me...I think it is time" again Chase rolls his I smile and thank my boy for being so concerned for his big brother;-) (Chase has been sick for a few days now)

Still at the same dinner Chase thinks he can eat some orange jello, so I asked Seth to grab it for him Seth: "On It!"

Seth delivers the orange jello and a spoon to Chase "Order up sir--Enjoy" (yes, Chase rolled his eyes again!)

Can you tell they work around the restaurant industry???

CJ & I were cracking up at that kid later on when I was relaying all his Seth-isms to Daddy;-) He is quite the character and the best part though, are his expressions and inflections! One day I will catch something on video & you will be able to see & hear!

CJ hates that he misses some of these, so I am trying to write them down as much as I can...

Lastly I will leave you with a Seth question to ponder

" If you poke your eyeball & it falls out, do you have to buy a new one?"

Yeah...I wasn't going to go there either, I just let that one hang...too afraid he was contemplating poking his eyeball!!