Friday, August 28, 2009

A First Grader

I am having a hard time with the summer coming to an end and with the fact that Chase goes back to school in two days!!!! We have had such a fun summer and I just don't want it to end! I love having them both home with me ALL day! CJ thinks I am silly and I need to realize that this is a good thing. Yes, my head knows that school is a good thing for oh so many reasons, but my heart...I will miss my boy! I am having an even harder time with the fact that I am a mom of a FIRST GRADER!!!!!!! See that fat baby in the picture...that is my first grader. *sigh* It truly seems like yesterday that he was my little butterball who would snuggle with me all the time! Where have the last six years gone?

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Things That Make Me Smile

Watching my husband wrestle with the boys! This one of the things the boys LOVE to do the most with their Daddy! They wear him out!!!!!!

Things you do to keep four boys occupied!

Make air-popped pop-corn. Put it in way cool popcorn tins. Watch a movie! FUN!

Take them to a 2 year old's birthday party at a "bouncy" place. They are SURE to have FUN!

OR cause LOTS of TROUBLE! (this was after they were terrorizing each other!)

Have a "slumber" party. Remember "sleep overs" are for girls! But only do this if you do NOT want to get any sleep for yourself! But my boys think it is WAY cool!

Last BUT not least go to the POOL! Of course! That is what summer is all about. FUN in the sun!
It was fun having Kyle & Tyler visit two times this summer! Having four boys--sometimes all by myself, sure kept me on my toes. If you don't keep them busy then all...well lets just say, it gets a little scary if they aren't busy & I end up playing referee! I DEFINITELY was NOT made to be a mamma of 4 kids! But I DO enjoy ALL of my nephews and LOVE that we got to spend time with 4 of them this summer. Some of my best memories growing up were of hanging out with my own cousins, and we are still great friends to this day! I pray that will be the same for our kids. I think we are off to a good start making some GREAT memories! My MIL LOVES that I feed Kyle & Tyler giant waffles with powered sugar & whipped cream..then send them home to her house! ;-) That is what being an AUNT is all about! I think I love being an Aunt as much as I love being a mom!

Friday, August 21, 2009

This Is the Post I Posted Over on FB about 8-20.

It was just easier to copy & paste then try to come up with something new....

So, lots of things happened on 8-20:22 years ago one of my most favorite people in the world was born--my cousin Kimberly. I am wierd and like to call her Kimbo. Not sure if that annoys her or not, I have never asked, but I continue to call this 22 year old yound woman Kimbo. Sigh, maybe in my mind that keeps me & her both young! :) She has been more like my little sis & freind than my cousin! She is also one of the funniest people I know! My boys adore her, my husband loves her, she is just super awesome! She used to babysit for Chase when he was a baby with her BFF Hilary when they were in high school. And now she is getting married, she is a teacher, she is all growed up...I feel OLD! Happy Birthday Kimbo! We love you!

One year ago another of my most favorite people on this planet were born! My nepehw Hunter! It makes me sad because he lives in MO with his Daddy, my brother, I don't understand why my brother couldn't have just let me have him...he has 3 other boys, I mean, he could share ;-) Then we would have been even, he would have 3 and I would have 3...sigh. I mean, isn't Owen selfish? JUST KIDDING OWEN! I digress, it makes me sad that I haven't been able to meet him yet. Circumstances are such that I haven't been able to get my tailend out to MO to hug & kiss and love on my nephew! I am also sad that he hasn't been able to meet his Aunt Kerry...I am a cool Aunt Kerry for sure! How do I know he is one of my favorite people ever if I haven't met him yet? I mean, he is my could he not be? I love hearing him jibber jabber when I am on the phone with my brother! He is a sweet baby! Happy Birthday Hunter. I better warn you, when Aunt Kerry does get to meet you, I have to make up for lost there will be lots of hugs & kisses and cuddles! Just be prepared!

And lastly, but certainly not least, my Grandmother passed away one year ago on 8-20. I will never forget that phone call from my Dad(she was his mom) He couldn't even speak...and that's when I knew she was Home. In Heaven. With her Heavenly Father. It took my breathe away to hear my Dad cry. We knew she wasn't doing well. She suffered from alzheimer's. But no matter how "prepared" you are. You are never ready to lose someone as special as your grandmother. We called her Mamaw! I will never forget talking to my cousin Jessica, or Kimberly that day. My heart hurt, because Kimberly will always remember her Mamaw went to be with Jesus on her birthday. My Mamaw was a very special lady. A mother of 6 boys! (I don't know how she stayed sane!) I have so many great memories of her hugs and her cooking and spending summers with her...I have a quilt she made me before I left for college, it is one of my most cherished items! I still snuggle with it on a cold evening! It is so hard to believe she has been gone from us for a year! Thanksgivng will not be the same without her!

BUT how incredible is it, that on the very day she went Home, the Lord sent us Hunter? What an incredible gift Hunter is to us! I cannot find the right words to describe how awesome that was for our family to welcome this new life into our family that day. He brought each of us a ray of sunshine, a rainbow, a promise of new life, on a very dark day. God is so good. He is so faithful. One thing about my Mamaw--she LOVED her babies! LOVED her granchildren, greatgrandchildren, and it was so fitting that she had another great gran born on the day she went home! Her legacy lives on with my cousin Jessica's little girl, she named her Autumn Tennessee...after my Mamaw...that was her middle name! How cool & special is that?

8-20 CELEBRATES three very special people in my life! I am a bit emotional today, missing my Mamaw, wishing I could be sitting on the floor at my brother's house in MO playing with Hunter, and overwhelmed that my little cousin has grown up to be an INCREDIBLE woman! So I thought I would write about it -- and celebrate with them!

I LOVE you Owen! You are a great, incredible dad to Hunter, to all your boys! I love that baby--give him kisses & warn him about how crazy his Aunt Kerry is!

Kimberly, I will be thinking about you all day tomorrow! I LOVE you more than you may ever know.

Mamaw...I LOVE you and you will be in my heart forever! Thanks for all you taught me!

Here's to 8-20 a VERY special day for sure!


This is my Mamaw! Yesterday was the year of anniversary her home-going. I have tried three times to write a post about her and how special she is and I just can't get through it, I just can't find the right words, I can't type without crying...So I will just let the pictures say it all! I loved her and still do with ALL my heart! I miss her terribly and can't believe she has been Home with Jesus for a year!!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009


This word scares me. It petrifies me. It makes me want to throw up. I have yet to blog on here about my surgeries....I have a blog about them, maybe one day I will transfer them on here, but I have a long sordid history with surgery! So when I was told Chase was going to need SURGERY, it was all I could do to stay strong and positive for my little man. I think that word scared him as much as it did me. Chase has been struggling since he was about 3 with "allergies". He would always get very sick every fall and winter. HIGH HIGH fevers, walking pneumonia the gamut. This year we switched pediatricians and this man listened to my concerns. So began our medicine regimen with Chase. At one point this year he was on 2 steroid inhalers, a steroid nasal spray and singulair! The poor kid! Well at some point he developed swollen lymph nodes in his neck that didn't go away with antibiotics and we started down the road of blood work and CT scans to figure out what was going on. The diagnosis, his adenoids were very swollen and were blocking his airway. So a trip to the ENT confirmed that he needed to have those pesky noids out! I knew it going it, I had a feeling, but I was hoping otherwise! For me, "in & out surgery" "routine procedure" "simple procedure" those phrases mean NOTHING to me!

So, we scheduled it and set out to be as positive as we could with Chase. He was PETRIFIED! We encouraged him this would help him breathe better and hopefully he could be off ALL the meds! He didn't care. He was still scared, rightfully so, surgery is scary for adults...and he is only 6! It broke my heart the day he said to me

"mom, what if they make a mistake on me like they did with you? what then?"

He was 4 when I went through all my surgical nightmares and he remembers very well the pee bag and staying with Granny & Grandpa for 2 months because mommy wasn't well, because the "doctor made a mistake" Boy do I regret ever saying those words to my boy! So we encouraged him he would be just fine. We prayed with him, Granny & Grandpa prayed with him, he got tons of encouragement from Gramma & Aunt Fara & Uncle Owen! But the unknown can be frightening! Especially for a 6 year old!

Well, Daddy was our HERO on surgery day. I was nervous, and it was all I could do not to cry listening to my boy be so frightened. I was proud of myself, I held it together, I was positive. I was in my mode, get there, paperwork etc. etc. But CJ, he was making Chase laugh from the minute we got in the car to go to the hospital!

WE get there, he & Chase dress in their gowns for the O.R. and CJ was putting the hat all the way over his eyes and telling Chase all the cool people wear their hats that way, he got the nurses involved, Chase & I couldn't help but laugh! The nurses were WONDERFUL!

So...CJ took Chase back to the O.R. they would only let one of us go back...Chase wanted CJ & that was fine with me, I couldn't have handled it. CJ had to hold Chase down...then we waited, and in the waiting room the doctor came out, everything went fine, Chase did great, etc. etc. big yucky adenoids, definitely needed to come out, on and on and then I hear my son...SCREAMING!!!!!! It broke my heart. It took my breathe away, I teared up, CJ took my hand, told me to get a hold of myself and they finally came and got us. It felt like an eternity, it was only like 1 minute!

Chase had a hard time waking up from the anesthesia and that was tough for CJ & I. He was in pain and scared. Trust me, I know how awful it feel coming out of General! BUT Chase did do great. We came home, he rested, and was playing the Wii with his brother in 10minutes flat! He was such a brave trooper! He was back to his old self in a few days and we are already seeing some benefits of the surgery. He sleeps better, his breathing isn't so labored when he sleeps, the dark circles under his eyes are gone. Now we wait and see. The time of the year is quickly approaching, we are praying he won't get sick!!!!

I HATED my son having to have surgery! BUT he was great! He got way cool "feel better" presents! My mom gave him a "sunshine bag" and she had something for him to open every day of his recovery(he was supposed to be "calm" for 7 days). He got a cool How To Make Paper Airplane book from Gramma & lots of craft activities! We had fun with all of it! I mean...I never got a "sunshine bag" :-) JUST KIDDING MOM;-) My sunshine was you helping me take care of my boys and me not having to worry!!!!! ;-)

I praise the Lord for answered prayers. We are seeing improvement. Now I pray he won't ever have to have surgery again!
I will never forget Seth looking out the window when we got home. He was so anxious to see Chase. When he saw Chase get out of the car he said " HE IS OK! HE IS WALKING AND AWAKE!!!!! YAY!" Chase walked in and Seth was SO melt my heart sweet. He gently hugged his big brother and said " how are your adenoids Chase are they all better" *sigh* I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing how much they love each other! When CJ called his mom after the surgery to give her an update, Seth was with her, and he asked my MIL "is Chase awake? is he OK" Sometimes it seems as though he isn't paying attention, but he is, and he was so concerned for his big bro!!!! And when Chase fell asleep, Seth covered him up with his blanket and put all of Chase's favorite toys next to him and even put his own special toys next to Chase to make him feel better" I am getting the chills just remembering how sweet it was watching him! He didn't know any of us were looking:)

*sigh* It is all over...but definitely there were things I wanted to remember! It is a part of their history!

But I have to admit...I am still nauseated thinking of having my own isn't a fear I want to overcome...but I will....with God's help!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


In March Seth asked Mr. Shawn (his barber) to give him a Mohawk. At that time Mommy said...NO. So Mr. Shawn said, maybe for summer your mom will let you. Well, summer came, it was time for a haircut and Seth remembered! This time they BOTH wanted a Mohawk. Daddy was ALL about the Mohawks, so mommy said, JUST for summer! Above is the result. I have to admit I LOVE it! They are SO cute, if anyone can pull off a is my boys:) BUT, once school starts, they will have to go because I HATE doing them!!!!! But until then, we are enjoying our summer Mohawks. They draw a lot of attention when we are out--everyone LOVES them:)


In a rare but sweet moment today Chase told me he wished he & Seth were twins. Normally the two "fight". They grumble at each other a lot. Whose turn is it to play a game, that's mine, stop, hit, touch, stick their tongues out...BOYS! There are sweet moments though.

The other day I had to take Chase for his post - op appointment(post to follow about my baby having surgery) and the doctors office is in the same building as the surgical center. So Chase had his arm around his brother and talks softly to him about this was where we parked when he had surgery, this is the door we went through, etc. etc. Told him ALL about his surgery day. Seth was very intently listening. Then Seth says "Chase I am glad it is over and you are A-OK now!"

Sweet. Melted my heart! It melted my heart just to see Chase with his arm around Seth and talking to him the way he was. *sigh* If only it could be like that everyday. Trust me, as soon as we got back in the car...they started at each other again.

Today, driving home from church, Chase informs me he wished he and Seth were twins. I asked why?

Chase: "because then we could do everything together. Be in the same Sunday school class, go to the same school and be in the same class, ride on the same roller coasters together, just do everything together"

It was sweet. But really, they do do everything together...except those few things...and only because they aren't twins and Chase is older.

Seth: "We are twins Chase, we like the same things, we talk alike, we wear the same clothes, see Twins"

The conversation went on. Chase trying to explain to Seth why they weren't twins. I finally had to explain it to Seth. Not sure if he really ever got it though.

But for me, it was another sweet brother moment! Chase is the big brother. He is protective of his little brother for sure. But his personality, he isn't as adventurous as Seth and he likes having Seth with a security blanket I guess. He even waits to see if Seth likes new food I make them try. Seth is Chases' "guinea pig". In his mind, if Seth likes it, so will he.

I love that they love each other. I love that they need each other in different ways...Seth needs his big brother too! I am dreading school starting, Seth will miss Chase terribly!

I love my boys. My prayer is that they always need each other, that they will always love each other, and that they will always be each other's best Friend until the end of time!!!!!

Boys are great though, they can fight one minute, be mad, upset, angry, but in the next second they are back to playing and having fun, like nothing ever happened! They forgive MUCH easier than grudges held! That is a BLESSING for this mamma:)

Saturday, August 15, 2009


This is one I don't think I will EVER forget...

When Chase was about 3 he was having "issues" with his penis. It would "grow" as he put it. And when this happened it hurt him. He would cry and get upset and it was crazy. I didn't know what was happening...I thought something was wrong. Apparently not, apprently all little 3 & 4 year old little boys have these types of "issues" around this age. I am not sure how many of them cry about it...but it upset Chase A LOT! So we had to figure out a way to try to help him through. So we told him to pull his knees up to his chest and breath in and out and just relax. (we told him the obvious first...don't touch it!) Well, one night Chase was laying in the bed with with and he pulled his knees up to his chest and started taking deeps breathes. Then he says to me:

"Mommy, I am doing a really good job at taking care of my penis aren't I? Do you do a good job taking care of your penis?"

My reply " I don't have a penis"

Me: bracing myself for the question "what do you have" trying to think in my head what am I going to say, I really don't want to talk to him about this...then to my surprise and delight he says

" whelp, the next time we go to the store we will just have to buy you one!"

Ah...I still laugh when I think of that night! I still get other people laughing when I share that story! That's a funny story! I sent it in to Reader's Digest...I am still waiting for my $200.

This in comparison with Seth. The same thing is happening to Seth(he is 4) He doesn't get as upset as Chase...he doesn't' cry. But he does whine about it "mommy, my penis is getting big and I am not touching it" so it bothers him...So we have told Seth the same thing, breathe deep, pull your legs up to your chest, don't touch it!

So on Easter Sunday we were at my Dad's church, the singing had just ended and everyone was sitting down and quiet listening to the announcements or something. Did you read what I said it was QUIET! in a church, on Easter Sunday, my dad's church, we know these people, we have to see them again, and Seth sits down and promptly says VERY loudly


Well, my dad said they couldn't hear him up front, but the people around me sure heard him. I was MORTIFIED! If I could have disappeared into that church pew...that is what I wanted to do!


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kids Make Birthdays Fun

CJ has always been bummed around his birthday. He, I guess, used to love it, but as he got older, he just doesn't like it. Calls it another day, doesn't take off work, gets depressed etc. etc. He has had some great birthdays since we have been together. Like the time I completely surprised him and worked it out with his boss to get him off on the weekend of his birthday, arranged for a place to stay in O.C. and that day he got up and I just told him we were leaving. That was fun. He was resistant, he may have even called his boss to check. But it was fun. My mom watched Chase(he was a baby) and we just went and had a REALLY fun weekend together! I try, I try hard to make his birthdays fun and memorable like that one but time and money sometimes doesnt' allow it. We used to go to the Chart House ever year before we had kids. But now, he just gets so ho-hum about his birthday. But I tell you as the boys get older, they get so excited for birthdays. They don't care if it is thier birthday or not. They love birthdays and birthday parties and especially birthday cake! This year for CJ's birthday my mom sent him a box with a present for every day of the week and the kids would get so excited to give it to him. I tried to do something similar...have a little something each day. Well, he worked on his birthday this year, but he worked in the morning so he was home by 4. So the boys and I went out and bought decorations and a big sign for the yard and streamers and hats and blowers and we had our own little family birthday party for Daddy! I had so much fun decorating with the kids, they were SO excited for Daddy! They couldn't wait for him to come home and see and open his gifts and of course eat his cake! I understand CJ being ho-hum about his birthday...the older you get, really, it is just another isn't like when you were a kid and everyone fusses over you. It just isn't the same BUT having kids and seeing them so excited for you...they REALLY make your birthday fun and pretty special, no matter how old you get!

I did it again!

I failed at keeping up with my blog daily! I knew & warned you about missing a day because I would be away...but I fully intended to keep on blogging the rest of the days of August. *sigh* But I am getting better! So I am diligently working on trying to catch up! But until then, please forgive me for my memories being out of chronological order! Hopefully you can keep up and hopefully one day I will be caught up enough that things will start to be in order and make sense. I must admit though, since I have been blogging more regularly I have really been enjoying it. Enjoying the memories and enjoying the thought of my boys as grown men reading the things they did and said as little guys! One day, when I am old and gray and an empty nester, at least I will have my blog to keep me company on cold dark nights! *sigh* I do not look forward to the day when my boys grow up and leave! Until then...I will keep on trying to capture all the memories I can here on this little blog!

Being Silly With Daddy

Starring: Daddy, Chase, Seth & Jazz
Camera-woman: Mommy

Oh the memories:-) I love my boys! All 3 of them! The biggest one is the biggest kid of them all:)

The Beach

This was the boys first trip to the beach!

Need I say more? No, not really, the pictures say it all, the boys had a BLAST! Will I say more? Yep...just a little bit. We had fun. We visited CJ's sis in Va Beach. His parents came along as well so it was a little reunion of sorts! We did the beach, rode bikes, saw fireworks on the beach, got ice cream from DQ, saw a movie on a rainy day, and just hung out as a family! We even took Jazz the terror dog and he did great, surprisingly enough, as long as everyone remembered to shut the front door, if they didn't, he did make a run for it a few times:) But all and all it was a great family vacation! The boys can't wait to go back! Chase & Seth LOVED jumping the waves! And mommy loved watching the boys have so much fun!!! I even got to just sit & soak the rays!

Friday, August 7, 2009

An Extra Post

Maybe this extra post will make up for my lack of posting August 1-6! But I wanted to put it down now before I forget!

Seth/Chase "isms"

CJ LOVES, I mean LOVES, I mean to the point of being OBSESSED, with Mustangs! And so, he has begun to cultivate his love for Mustangs in his two boys! They know the difference between a Shelby and GT etc. etc. Please, it is all mumbo jumbo to me. If you aren't talking about a Corvette to me, you are speaking a foreign language.

So one day driving home from work, we pull up beside a Shelby Mustang. It was black with racing stripes. VERY pretty car, I must admit. And my Sethers says:

"Look Mommy, a Mustang" then turns like he is talking to the driver as he passes us and says "Sweet ride dude" oh if only that 60sh "dude" could have heard my little boy!

Let me remind you...he is 4! Then Chase informs me it is a Shelby, one of the most expensive Mustangs and Daddy's favorite! Chase pays attention to his Daddy!

Tonite as we were getting ready to go outside to ride bikes I asked Seth to grab my cell phone in case Daddy called. So he is coming down the stairs steady typing on the phone.

Me: "Seth, what are you doing?"

Seth: " I am texting my girlfriend"

Me: "Who would that be?"

Seth: "I dunno, but I am texting her"

Sigh! Again, let me remind you he is FOUR! I think I am in big trouble when that kid gets older!!!!!

BUT- He definitely brought a smile to my face!

I am so thankful that no matter what is going on in my life. No matter what I am stressed or worried about. I can just look at my kids and it is OK. They make me laugh everyday and the stress just melts away! I can get lost in their stories & laughter and they make everything OK! It is all worth it because of them! I have got to be the luckiest Mommy on earth!

EEEEK Chase Graduated From Kindergarten!

Boy did this year FLY by! I am that sappy mom that looks at her children & can remember every little gory detail about their birth. I had a hard time with Chase going to Kindergarten and now it is OVER! He is going to be in the FIRST grade! *sigh* CRAZY how time flies.

His school doesn't do a "graduation". They have a Kindergarten Play/Celebration! It was the Letter Play. Each child was assigned a part. Chase had a speaking part he had to memorize!

Didn't he do great???? The camera-woman wasn't too great though, sorry...

When we got there & Chase's class was coming in to the gym he mouthed to me that he TWO parts and he was holding a jump rope! With each speaking part a child had an acting part I thought, oh no he has to jump rope...I don't think he can jump he is...the hit of the show. The girl next to him looks like an Olympic jump roper & my poor Chase...His teacher said he was the only one who volunteered because the little boy who was supposed to jump rope didn't show up. So my Chase gets an A for effort!

When Chase was coming off the stage you saw him say to himself "whew, that was tough!"

It was a fun day! Both sets of Grandparents made it up for his day! He got gifts & cards & money!!! Daddy was able to be there too! Sometimes Daddy's work schedule doesn't allow him to be there for a lot of things...but he made it for ALL the important things!

AND thanks to Granny we got a FABULOUS picture of my little graduate!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Four Boys For A Night

Chase & Trent are my nephews! My brother's 2 oldest! His step-sons! They are here for a month visiting their dad! We haven't seen them since December! We were excited at the prospect of maybe being able to see them while they were here! (They live in MO now-so we don't see any of them very much at all!) And we did! Their dad called, and they were able to come stay the night last Sunday!

My boys reaction to the news that Chase & Trent were coming AND spending the night:

Screaming, yelling, wa-hoo-ing, clapping, running, jumping, Chase picking Seth up and spinning him around! You would have thought they won the lottery!

My boys on Sunday morning waiting for Chase & Trent to arrive: "what time is it?" "let's just go pick them up" "we cant' go to the store they might come while we are gone" "what time is it?" about 100 more times.

My boys reaction to Chase & Trent's arrival: Screaming, hugging, showing them every game, every toy, they possibly could in the first 2 minutes they were here!

Our activities: Outback for dinner (Big Chase LOVED the ribs & so did Seth--he wanted to be just like Big Chase & tried ribs for the first time! He love them) Big Chase announced to me that Seth was his "little buddy". Trent told me that "my" Chase wasn't little anymore that is why his new nickname was "Medium Chase". Tire Park after dinner, lots of running, playing capture the fort, and imaginations in motion. Home to a surprise...Uncle CJ came home early from work! Lots of Wii playing with Uncle CJ. Finished the day off with a "sleep over" NOT a slumber party--slumber parties are for girls! "Sleep overs" are for boys!!!! Lots of hugs given, lots of good talks, lots of I love yous passed out, movie watching, just hanging out being boys!

I LOVED every minute--including the noise level! Whew...4 boys are LOUD! But I wouldn't have changed a thing! ALL four were really good, I didn't really get after them AT ALL--they just had fun together & I had fun watching it all go down!!!!! I just wished they could have stayed longer! But...they are here to visit thier Dad...I get doesn't mean I wasn't hoping! On Monday, after they left...I was really very sad. I think I still am....I didn't want them to go!

My second favorite name after "Mommy" is "Aunt Kerry" for sure!

We can't wait to see them again!!!!!!!

I Stink

Not literally stink, well, I guess sometimes I do if I have been playing outside with the boys and need a shower, but typically, I smell like beautiful flowers, like every girl should, even after playing outside in 95 degree heat with the boys! I am a girl, girls ALWAYS smell good...oh but wait, this is not about how I smell, this is about how I STINK at blogging. I STINK at making a commitment to blog once a day for 30 days, hoping to start a habit. I STINK!


Last week I posted that I would start doing a post everyday, starting August 1st, for 30 days. But I did start a few days early, posted about my son's 4Th birthday. On Friday, the last day of July, I thought, oh no I have already messed up and not kept to my daily posting. Then relief came over me that it wasn't August 1st yet. The end of the month is always crazy at I was encouraged, and decided the next day, after coming home from work I would get to blogging. Welp, it is August 6Th and I haven't blogged yet! I STINK! I like blogging. I like the idea of my boys finding my blog one day and reading memories I wanted to save. But apparently, I STINK at it! Whew. Thank goodness for do overs! So I start over today! I must warn you though, on August 10Th I will be out of town and no where near a I will definitely skip that day! OYE!'s to trying again! I guess I wouldn't feel so much pressure if I hadn't missed so many months and had so much to catch up on. I mean, this is a blog about my boys! And a lot of things have happened to them & with them since April....