Friday, August 7, 2009

An Extra Post

Maybe this extra post will make up for my lack of posting August 1-6! But I wanted to put it down now before I forget!

Seth/Chase "isms"

CJ LOVES, I mean LOVES, I mean to the point of being OBSESSED, with Mustangs! And so, he has begun to cultivate his love for Mustangs in his two boys! They know the difference between a Shelby and GT etc. etc. Please, it is all mumbo jumbo to me. If you aren't talking about a Corvette to me, you are speaking a foreign language.

So one day driving home from work, we pull up beside a Shelby Mustang. It was black with racing stripes. VERY pretty car, I must admit. And my Sethers says:

"Look Mommy, a Mustang" then turns like he is talking to the driver as he passes us and says "Sweet ride dude" oh if only that 60sh "dude" could have heard my little boy!

Let me remind you...he is 4! Then Chase informs me it is a Shelby, one of the most expensive Mustangs and Daddy's favorite! Chase pays attention to his Daddy!

Tonite as we were getting ready to go outside to ride bikes I asked Seth to grab my cell phone in case Daddy called. So he is coming down the stairs steady typing on the phone.

Me: "Seth, what are you doing?"

Seth: " I am texting my girlfriend"

Me: "Who would that be?"

Seth: "I dunno, but I am texting her"

Sigh! Again, let me remind you he is FOUR! I think I am in big trouble when that kid gets older!!!!!

BUT- He definitely brought a smile to my face!

I am so thankful that no matter what is going on in my life. No matter what I am stressed or worried about. I can just look at my kids and it is OK. They make me laugh everyday and the stress just melts away! I can get lost in their stories & laughter and they make everything OK! It is all worth it because of them! I have got to be the luckiest Mommy on earth!

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