Sunday, August 16, 2009


In a rare but sweet moment today Chase told me he wished he & Seth were twins. Normally the two "fight". They grumble at each other a lot. Whose turn is it to play a game, that's mine, stop, hit, touch, stick their tongues out...BOYS! There are sweet moments though.

The other day I had to take Chase for his post - op appointment(post to follow about my baby having surgery) and the doctors office is in the same building as the surgical center. So Chase had his arm around his brother and talks softly to him about this was where we parked when he had surgery, this is the door we went through, etc. etc. Told him ALL about his surgery day. Seth was very intently listening. Then Seth says "Chase I am glad it is over and you are A-OK now!"

Sweet. Melted my heart! It melted my heart just to see Chase with his arm around Seth and talking to him the way he was. *sigh* If only it could be like that everyday. Trust me, as soon as we got back in the car...they started at each other again.

Today, driving home from church, Chase informs me he wished he and Seth were twins. I asked why?

Chase: "because then we could do everything together. Be in the same Sunday school class, go to the same school and be in the same class, ride on the same roller coasters together, just do everything together"

It was sweet. But really, they do do everything together...except those few things...and only because they aren't twins and Chase is older.

Seth: "We are twins Chase, we like the same things, we talk alike, we wear the same clothes, see Twins"

The conversation went on. Chase trying to explain to Seth why they weren't twins. I finally had to explain it to Seth. Not sure if he really ever got it though.

But for me, it was another sweet brother moment! Chase is the big brother. He is protective of his little brother for sure. But his personality, he isn't as adventurous as Seth and he likes having Seth with a security blanket I guess. He even waits to see if Seth likes new food I make them try. Seth is Chases' "guinea pig". In his mind, if Seth likes it, so will he.

I love that they love each other. I love that they need each other in different ways...Seth needs his big brother too! I am dreading school starting, Seth will miss Chase terribly!

I love my boys. My prayer is that they always need each other, that they will always love each other, and that they will always be each other's best Friend until the end of time!!!!!

Boys are great though, they can fight one minute, be mad, upset, angry, but in the next second they are back to playing and having fun, like nothing ever happened! They forgive MUCH easier than grudges held! That is a BLESSING for this mamma:)

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