Thursday, August 13, 2009

I did it again!

I failed at keeping up with my blog daily! I knew & warned you about missing a day because I would be away...but I fully intended to keep on blogging the rest of the days of August. *sigh* But I am getting better! So I am diligently working on trying to catch up! But until then, please forgive me for my memories being out of chronological order! Hopefully you can keep up and hopefully one day I will be caught up enough that things will start to be in order and make sense. I must admit though, since I have been blogging more regularly I have really been enjoying it. Enjoying the memories and enjoying the thought of my boys as grown men reading the things they did and said as little guys! One day, when I am old and gray and an empty nester, at least I will have my blog to keep me company on cold dark nights! *sigh* I do not look forward to the day when my boys grow up and leave! Until then...I will keep on trying to capture all the memories I can here on this little blog!

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