Friday, August 7, 2009

EEEEK Chase Graduated From Kindergarten!

Boy did this year FLY by! I am that sappy mom that looks at her children & can remember every little gory detail about their birth. I had a hard time with Chase going to Kindergarten and now it is OVER! He is going to be in the FIRST grade! *sigh* CRAZY how time flies.

His school doesn't do a "graduation". They have a Kindergarten Play/Celebration! It was the Letter Play. Each child was assigned a part. Chase had a speaking part he had to memorize!

Didn't he do great???? The camera-woman wasn't too great though, sorry...

When we got there & Chase's class was coming in to the gym he mouthed to me that he TWO parts and he was holding a jump rope! With each speaking part a child had an acting part I thought, oh no he has to jump rope...I don't think he can jump he is...the hit of the show. The girl next to him looks like an Olympic jump roper & my poor Chase...His teacher said he was the only one who volunteered because the little boy who was supposed to jump rope didn't show up. So my Chase gets an A for effort!

When Chase was coming off the stage you saw him say to himself "whew, that was tough!"

It was a fun day! Both sets of Grandparents made it up for his day! He got gifts & cards & money!!! Daddy was able to be there too! Sometimes Daddy's work schedule doesn't allow him to be there for a lot of things...but he made it for ALL the important things!

AND thanks to Granny we got a FABULOUS picture of my little graduate!

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