Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kids Make Birthdays Fun

CJ has always been bummed around his birthday. He, I guess, used to love it, but as he got older, he just doesn't like it. Calls it another day, doesn't take off work, gets depressed etc. etc. He has had some great birthdays since we have been together. Like the time I completely surprised him and worked it out with his boss to get him off on the weekend of his birthday, arranged for a place to stay in O.C. and that day he got up and I just told him we were leaving. That was fun. He was resistant, he may have even called his boss to check. But it was fun. My mom watched Chase(he was a baby) and we just went and had a REALLY fun weekend together! I try, I try hard to make his birthdays fun and memorable like that one but time and money sometimes doesnt' allow it. We used to go to the Chart House ever year before we had kids. But now, he just gets so ho-hum about his birthday. But I tell you as the boys get older, they get so excited for birthdays. They don't care if it is thier birthday or not. They love birthdays and birthday parties and especially birthday cake! This year for CJ's birthday my mom sent him a box with a present for every day of the week and the kids would get so excited to give it to him. I tried to do something similar...have a little something each day. Well, he worked on his birthday this year, but he worked in the morning so he was home by 4. So the boys and I went out and bought decorations and a big sign for the yard and streamers and hats and blowers and we had our own little family birthday party for Daddy! I had so much fun decorating with the kids, they were SO excited for Daddy! They couldn't wait for him to come home and see and open his gifts and of course eat his cake! I understand CJ being ho-hum about his birthday...the older you get, really, it is just another isn't like when you were a kid and everyone fusses over you. It just isn't the same BUT having kids and seeing them so excited for you...they REALLY make your birthday fun and pretty special, no matter how old you get!

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