Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Beach

This was the boys first trip to the beach!

Need I say more? No, not really, the pictures say it all, the boys had a BLAST! Will I say more? Yep...just a little bit. We had fun. We visited CJ's sis in Va Beach. His parents came along as well so it was a little reunion of sorts! We did the beach, rode bikes, saw fireworks on the beach, got ice cream from DQ, saw a movie on a rainy day, and just hung out as a family! We even took Jazz the terror dog and he did great, surprisingly enough, as long as everyone remembered to shut the front door, if they didn't, he did make a run for it a few times:) But all and all it was a great family vacation! The boys can't wait to go back! Chase & Seth LOVED jumping the waves! And mommy loved watching the boys have so much fun!!! I even got to just sit & soak the rays!

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