Thursday, August 6, 2009

Four Boys For A Night

Chase & Trent are my nephews! My brother's 2 oldest! His step-sons! They are here for a month visiting their dad! We haven't seen them since December! We were excited at the prospect of maybe being able to see them while they were here! (They live in MO now-so we don't see any of them very much at all!) And we did! Their dad called, and they were able to come stay the night last Sunday!

My boys reaction to the news that Chase & Trent were coming AND spending the night:

Screaming, yelling, wa-hoo-ing, clapping, running, jumping, Chase picking Seth up and spinning him around! You would have thought they won the lottery!

My boys on Sunday morning waiting for Chase & Trent to arrive: "what time is it?" "let's just go pick them up" "we cant' go to the store they might come while we are gone" "what time is it?" about 100 more times.

My boys reaction to Chase & Trent's arrival: Screaming, hugging, showing them every game, every toy, they possibly could in the first 2 minutes they were here!

Our activities: Outback for dinner (Big Chase LOVED the ribs & so did Seth--he wanted to be just like Big Chase & tried ribs for the first time! He love them) Big Chase announced to me that Seth was his "little buddy". Trent told me that "my" Chase wasn't little anymore that is why his new nickname was "Medium Chase". Tire Park after dinner, lots of running, playing capture the fort, and imaginations in motion. Home to a surprise...Uncle CJ came home early from work! Lots of Wii playing with Uncle CJ. Finished the day off with a "sleep over" NOT a slumber party--slumber parties are for girls! "Sleep overs" are for boys!!!! Lots of hugs given, lots of good talks, lots of I love yous passed out, movie watching, just hanging out being boys!

I LOVED every minute--including the noise level! Whew...4 boys are LOUD! But I wouldn't have changed a thing! ALL four were really good, I didn't really get after them AT ALL--they just had fun together & I had fun watching it all go down!!!!! I just wished they could have stayed longer! But...they are here to visit thier Dad...I get doesn't mean I wasn't hoping! On Monday, after they left...I was really very sad. I think I still am....I didn't want them to go!

My second favorite name after "Mommy" is "Aunt Kerry" for sure!

We can't wait to see them again!!!!!!!

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