Saturday, January 24, 2009

Addedum To Previous Post

I have to give credit where credit is due. I mentioned in my first post about my friend who got me started with this whole blogging thing. I only mentioned her as a friend. When really I should have said who she is. My friend Kate. My green bean Friend. My BFF. Or as my sister puts it My "person". You know that person? The one who knows WAY too much about you? But because they know that much about you there is a comfort there in your friendship. It is a lifelong friendship. A friendship that no distance, or time that passes your friendship will sustain. To laugh, cry, talk, be angry with(not with that person but you know just angry) and tell too much to. I fear if our husbands only knew about some of our conversations we would be forbidden to speak ever again! I am blessed beyond words. If you don't have a Friend like this, you don't know what you are missing. I am blessed that the Lord had our paths cross, and our mutual love for hair and just talking about anything & nothing only drew us together. For about 5 years now I think we haven't lived close to each other...maybe an hour or longer at times...but that didn't stop us. We only got closer as we talked daily on the phone or emailed. I had to get the free long distance thing, because if I didn't have it, oye, I would hate to see that bill! My cell phone bill suffers a bit, because my life is spent on the road, but if I don't get my daily Kate fix, even my husband notices, cuz I am talking his ear off:) Just the other day he said, boy you are chatty...haven't talked to Kate in a few days:) So here is to my friend Kate! I love reading her blogs, because she is funny. I love "reading" about things she has told me about it, cuz I get a different perspective, and then there are things I don't know about that she will write about, and that makes us closer:) And then there are things that I know she probably told me, but I "forget" about(I mentioned my forgetfulness too in my first post) and reading about it, keeps me out of trouble:) And because I have to do everything Kate does:) Get a dog, start a blog, facebook, myspace, I mean, I think we were seperated at birth, only so our mom's wouldn't pull their hair out with the 2 of us in the same house!

So thanks Kate for encouraging me to start this blog:) I only hope to be half the woman you are one day, and maybe your sense of humor will rub off on me! :-)

Proverbs 18:24 " A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a Friend who sticks closer than a brother."


  1. Well, that took no time for you to post that picture :)

    Too funny! I love the part about us being separated at birth b/c no mother could handle us under the same roof. It was funny when we first saw each other today that we kept saying
    "I like your hair," "but I like your hair!" My mom just stood there waiting for us to finish. Probably next time we see each other we will have switched hair styles. Mine will be short and yours will be long :)

    Love ya girl! Call me :)

  2. it's a cute picture. I thought so appropriate for my least it isn't on facebook. and now that you mention our hair conversation, that makes me chuckle...what must have Vicky been thinking...and then did she hear us in the kitchen when we kept talking about hair? she must have laughed if she do these girls have anything else to talk about:-)