Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Kids say fun things

My boys never cease to amaze me with the things they come up with to say. At 3 Chase's favorite was was "apparently". Now he says things like, "it seems as though..." like he is all grown up. Well every morning when Chase gets out of the car at school he says, "OK, see you in 6 hours" he likes knowing exactly how long he will be gone from home. So Seth hears this every morning. Seth goes to preschool 2 mornings a week, so he, wanting to be like his brother is trying to say goodbye the same way, he just doesn't get it the concept of Monday at drop off he says "OK, see you tomorrow" and today when I dropped him off he says " OK see you in like 3 weeks" I just say OK, and crack up laughing...oh 3 year old minds...I love it. I love that he wants to be like his big brother, I love seeing his brain work. Or when he just waltzes in to my room one day and says "mom I need to have a talk with you" I said "about what" his reply was "i don't know we just need to have a talk" Or when he was at my mom's this past weekend she asked him how many times she needed to ask him to do something his reply was "ummm four?" he was dead serious, she had already asked him 2 times...needless to say, Seth thinks he is funny cuz my dad couldn't contain his laughter.

Kids say fun fun things! It is so fun to wake up everyday and not know what journey I am going to take with my boys. I do know that everyday I am going to wake up and one of them, if not both of them is going to make me laugh at least once that day...but probably more! I love it, I love laughing with them, at their innocence, I love seeing life through their eyes!

It is so good to laugh....I feel as though I spend too much time say no, don't do that, why did you do that, go to your room, please stop, that wasn't nice, don't hit the dog, get out of the dogs cage, you get the picture. It is nice to stop & just laugh with the boys, and it is really theraputic to write about it, to remember, I really do have some great kids. Smart, funny, amazing boys! I am blessed beyond measure, even when they test me to my limit & beyond!

I love my boys!

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