Tuesday, February 17, 2009


What is a Shugy you ask? Well it isn't a what it is a who? Shugy is Seth's new friend. New monster friend who likes to drink Seth's milk. The other nite Seth had taken a nap late in the day, so he was awake pretty late at nite. He was laying in his bed, watching a movie, drinking his milk. A few minutes go by & he comes into my bedroom & says he needed more milk because a monster drank his milk. But he assured me it was a nice monster who "growled the other bad monsters away from our room". Then we had about a 20 minute conversation about Shugy. I learned his name, that he is an orange monster with a green belly & yellow spots. He has little ears & little feet & little hands. He likes to hang out with Seth at nite & watch movies, but the only problem is....he likes milk, and apparently every nite drinks Seth's milk. It was so funny, I was cracking up laughing. The next day Seth told me Shugy had left for the day and would be back at bed time. Apparently during the day Shugy hangs out at Chuck E. Cheese.

Ahh...his imagination! I love it!

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