Friday, February 20, 2009

The prettiest girl in the world

Last night both of the boys ended up in my bed for a little while. I was pooped, I tried to put them to bed at 7:30 which didn't work out so well, so we hung out in my bed for a while. Seth passed out relatively quickly but Chase & I were talking. I wish I could remember what we were talking about but somehow we started talking about girls who were pretty. He had his list....
Chase: "Granny, Aunt Fara, Gramma, Kimberly(my cousin), Miss Lauren(thier fav babysitter)"
When he said Miss Lauren he got this funny smile and giggled a little. So I asked him was she the prettiest.
Chase: "Oh no, the prettiest girl of all is my Granny, for sure!"
Me: "aww Chase that is so sweet! You are so sweet! Why is Granny the prettiest?"
Chase: "because she is so nice to us, she loves me & Seth so much, she plays with us and hugs us, and I can ask her anything and tell her anything, she helps me with anything I need, like going crazy with the post card collection, she is just the prettiest girl in the world. Besides she has really pretty hair"
Me: speechless because I am too busy crying and hugging my five year old who, I think, recognizes true beauty, inside & out!
Chase: " mom you are the next prettiest girl...if you were nicer to us like Granny, then you would be the prettiest"
Me: now crying from laughter "its ok Chase, I don't need to be the prettiest girl, because I am the luckiest girl in the world to have you for my son!"
I am so blessed and privelaged that my boys have a Granny is who is so special & who loves them so much! Not all kids have that. I think it is so cool that they adore her so much and not just because she gives them things ;-) It makes my heart smile!

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