Sunday, February 22, 2009


Today CJ was home to witness the FULL craziness of our dog! He believed me, he just isn't home that often to REALLY see him at his best or should I say worst! When CJ is home, the dog is all about him, they play & wrestle and it is so picture perfect (insert music here) they LOVE each other CJ & the dog (I can't even say his name I am so frustrated). Anyway, he was here to see him jump up and knock over Chase's FULL bowl of cereal! Chase just went to the bathroom, I was getting ready for church, is nothing sacred around here anymore? That was QUITE the mess, not sure if my kitchen chair will ever fully recover (thank the Lord for warranty plans).

So I think I have at least convince CJ to buy a "zone" system. It is discs you put in areas you do NOT want your dog to on TOP of the kitchen table, and if they do, they get a little shock...I mean, we are talking little here, but enough that I am hoping he will get the picture! I will keep you up to date on the progress of that purchase! I need it for my sanity, I think, or to save the dog, cuz I am ready to take his collar off & "oops" leave the gate open......J/K well, ok, not really anywho...
onto remembering. This all makes me think of Seth. The dog was still little little puppy, I had just let him inside and was closing the sliding glass door, when I hear "TAKE THAT PUPPY" and then I hear the front door of the house slam shut. I go into the living room and there is Seth getting back to his game...and no dog. I open the front door & the dog is already to to the top of my street--near the BUSY road. I mean he is LITTLE at this point, so he isn't coming or responding to his name! We both almost got run over.....maybe in hindsight I should have just let the puppy keep on going...well, no, how horrible is that of me to even think.
Apparently, Seth was very frustrated with the puppy. He would not leave Seth alone and kept playing with him, which involved nipping at him, and Seth was just all done and thought, I will show him...and decided to set him free...
I am beginning to think, Seth may have had the right idea;-)
As badly as I am annoyed & frustrated with this pooch, I do have to admit, he is cute. He has been fun, the boys really love him, we have had fun playing with him, teaching him to catch and jump, man can he jump high! He does snuggle with me and not CJ when we are both home watching TV. Grudgingly I do have to admit, he is apart of our family now, and I would miss him if he were gone, well, not that much, but at least a little....

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