Saturday, February 14, 2009

My funny valentines

So today is valentine's day. I know I know some people say it is a "hallmark" holiday and we should take everyday to show the people that we love, we love them. I do agree, yet, I am a mushy, sentimental, sap, period the end. I love these days. And having 2 kids, only makes it worse. I love shopping for them. Finding things I know they will love, or put a smile on thier faces. They are still only 3 & 5, so it doesn't take much...but, it is still so fun! This year was especially fun because they are both at the age that they love to do crafts. Sometimes, I get stressed out by the messed that are made during these activities...but this year was so fun. We celebrated Valentine's Day all week long.

My husband works in the restaurant industry, so for us, Valentine's Day does have to happen on another day. So they boys & I started off the week making cupcakes & a heart shaped cake for daddy. (I should have taken a picture--but still new at this blogging) They also traced thier feet, cut them out, decorated them with glitter & wrote cheesy sayings on them for daddy. Fun.

Then we did Valentine's for thier classmates & teachers. We had fun coming up with creative ideas for thier teachers. They cut out thier hands & taped it on little bottles of lotion with, again cheesy sayings on them. They turned out so cute. You just have to trust me on that one. I again did not get a picture.

We had fun going through all the valentine's cards they received from thier classmates. They both got A LOT!

Last evening, Valentine's Day Eve, the kids & I ate at the restaurant and Chase begins with "mommy what did you get us for Valentine's Day" I lovingly told him I was getting him hugs, kisses & my heart. And he rolled his eyes. So this morning when they got up, the look on thier faces when they saw thier favorite candies and a new cup was priceless. Chase says "mommy you do love us". I don't if I should be worried by that statement or not? Does my love have to be shown in material ways Chase?

When I get out of the shower Chase had made me a Valentine. Cut out a heart all by himself and it was the best Valentine I ever got:)

We had a birthday party to go to today. Then we went & visited with my parents & my sister. Chase calls my mom to tell her we were headed to her house and he says to his Granny " Valentine are your ready for your hugs & kisses Valentine" You see now why this blog's title is funny valentine's?

My sister arrives and Chase was anxiously awaiting his surprise. Well, my sister brought a Chuck E Cheese coupon to give to them(they love the Chuck E Cheese) Well, I think that was Chase's favorite Valentine of them all. He carried around that coupon, he wanted to go to bed with that coupon, and now the coupon is on the fridge as a reminder...we need to go to Chuck E Cheese.

We had a fun day. I have the best Valentine's in the world! I got lots of hugs & kisses today! And I loved every second! And as I went in to check on them tonite and kiss them one more time...I found them in bed together! And that makes my heart smile. They are brothers, competitive, brothers. But in the end...the love each other! I pray they will always be the best of friends!

Happy Valentine's Day! <3

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