Friday, February 27, 2009

Fun & Not so Fun Conversations

Leaving the post office the other day this is the conversation I had with Seth:

Seth: "Mom you are shrinking"
Me: "No, you are just getting taller"
Seth: "Nope, you are definately shrinking"

In contrast this is the conversation I had with Chase last night:

I have a heating pad that I use for my abdomen sometimes for pain and Chase wanted to use it last nite & I said no because I needed it. He says why do you use it anyway...I told him it helped me when my belly hurt, so this is what he says after thinking for a moment:

Chase: " Mom you can only see the top of your belly and it doesn't look big to you, but if you looked at yourself straight on you would see your belly is big, it looks like you are pregnant"
Me: weeping, wailing, nashing of teeth!!!!

*sigh* No girl ever wants to hear that...even from a 5 year old! Better get back on that Wii fit eh?

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