Friday, February 20, 2009

A Small World After All

I love getting cards. Especially from my hubby. He tells me he loves me every day, multiple times a day, but in his cards, he just has a way with words. He really writes his feelings down and I love it. I think I have saved every card he has ever written. Well, when the restaurant opened and his work hours became increasingly more, it became more difficult for him to find time to go to a store and buy a card, and it also became more difficult for him to remember, lets be honest here:) So a few occasions go by, no card, I am sad, I try to understand, but he realizes how important it was to me. Then he discovered E-Cards! He didn't have to go anywhere, he could send them to me from work even and better yet, for FREE:) I love it, because, I get to still hear his feelings and press print and continue to save them and be a sap:)

Well, on our anniversary, he tried to send me a card, but he sent it to my old email account. A little bummer, but honest mistake. So here come valentine's day and he is determined not to make the same mistake. So that nite on his way home from work he calls and asks me if I liked the card...what card I say? So he tells me know I sent it to this address...nope, honey, I couldn't used my name kerry.johnston, it was taken remember? So he sent it to someone else completely. He was so bummed.

The next day the lady sends him an email saying she thought he had the wrong address. He replied, yes, I am sorry, but my wife thinks it is funny, to which he then gets another reply....

"i was a little confused. my husband's name is also Christopher Johnston and he also goes by CJ"

She was nice enough to forward it back & ended up with my card after all...and once I read she knows how much CJ loves me:)

Such a small world. The spelling of my name isn't all that common, but there is another Kerry and Christopher Johnston out there living in PA! And we found them, thanks to cupid! Ha. I just thought that was one for the blog....

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