Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Chase & Seth "isms"

Seth "ism" "

Seth tells me yesterday out of the blue for no reason at at:

"Mommy I loved daddy more because he is a man and he understands my man things and you don't. But don't worry I still like you"

It didn't hurt my feelings, OK, well maybe a little, but it did make my heart smile. I am so glad he adores his daddy. And he is right, there will be things, that as not a man, I won't understand and he will need his daddy & not me, and that is OK! ( has to be I guess)

Chase "ism"

Last night CJ's back was really bothering him, I was upstairs doing my invoices and he was just hanging out with the boys. When I come down, he tells me how bad he is feeling and my first reaction was "OK boys lets ..." CJ cuts me off, he knew what I was going to do and CJ says " we just got done with our prayer session, they just laid hands on my back. Chase tell mommy what you just told me"

Chase: "that I love Jesus more than daddy"

Me: "awww Chase. why?"

Chase "because you are supposed to God, Family, others that is the way it goes"

I wish I could take credit for that. I try to live it. But we haven't really talked about it that I can remember.

Me: "well honey, he has his priorities straight"

CJ: "he sure does. we could all learn from him"

How blessed am I? I pray his priorities will stay that way forever! And CJ is right, I learn from my kids everyday!

I love being a mom!