Wednesday, April 15, 2009


What a wonderful time of year! What a great time to reflect on God's love for us! I love Easter. Having kids makes even more fun! This year we went to my dad's church for and Easter festivities the day before. There was an egg hunt, lunch, games, and the Easter story. They used the Resurrection eggs to help tell the story. Chase & I had been reading the scriptures of the Crucifixion & resurrection in the days leading up to Easter. He & I had some great talks. He is so at church when they were telling the story, they would pull out the symbol from the egg and then ask if anyone knew what that meant. They pulled out the leather strap and told of how they soldiers used that to beat Jesus. Then Chase proceeds to tell them there was glass & stones in the whip they used...the pulled out the crown of thorns, and Chase proceeds to tell them what they did with that. The pulled out the spear...again, Chase answered the question. I was amazed. I know he listens, but it just struck me how much he soaks things in and remembers. My sister's friend told me he got an A for the day. I am humbled by his sensitivity to the things of the Lord.

Well when they got to the part about the stone, they were telling the kids how big the stone was and would they be able to push that away. After Chase's intellectual answers, Seth pipes up with

"Yep, I could roll the stone away! If I couldn't Chase for sure could!"

I just love their personalities....Chase my thinker, my feeler, and Seth my brute... my comedian! As I was telling CJ all this he said what I had been thinking...we fall in love with them more everyday. It is amazing to watch their personalities. It is amazing to watch them grow and learn. We are just truly in awe of them. We are so blessed to be their mom & dad! My heart just overflows with how much I love those kids!

What a blessing to be able to be a part of their growth, their learning!!!! I am truly humbled by the gift of my children!

It was a great Easter for me! Because this year, it was more about teaching the boys about what Jesus did for us! Yes, we had fun, we bought candy & had Easter baskets and did all the fun stuff

but to hear Chase say

" even if there was no candy or baskets, it is really about Jesus and it would be OK if we didn't get anything at all"

I will hang on to that forever!
We had a great Easter! Praise the Lord....He is Risen!