Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Tim McGraw Experience

I like Tim McGraw. Anyone who knows me, know this. Well, anyone who knows me, knows I am a bit obsessed. But we won't go there. My sister shares my like er uh my obsession. She and I have seen 9 Tim McGraw concerts together! Fun times. Great memories. Chase loves music. Thought it was time to break him we took a trip to Roanoke VA. Met up with cousin Kelsey, Aunt Janet, Uncle Roy, Paige & Olivia for the weekend. My dad, Chase, Fara & & Seth rode along in the car, but they didn't join us for the concert. We all had FUN! Chase was a bit nervous...there were too many people he said. He said "he didn't like big crowds". So, it was an experience because we drove 5 hours to see him. We bonded in the car. We had a lovely dinner with our family & friends. We FINALLY made it to the concert. We took pictures with Tim McGraw on a green screen. We bought t-shirts. There was a seat family's seats had and "obstructed" view. So...they complained & were moved to the floor. We found them on the floor. We waved. Then Tim sang. And danced. And played his guitar. And joked. And laughed. And sang some more. And sang a lot of his old songs. Sigh. This was my 10Th time seeing Tim. But it never gets old or boring. But this time was the best. My son was with me. I was sitting with him & my dad...2 of my favorite men in the world. And even though at one point during the concert Chase looked like this:

It was still the best night ever! I think he is having more fun AFTER the concert. Being able to talk about it with me. To have done something special...just me him & Grandpa. His Aunt Fara bought him a t-shirt. He hasn't taken it off since Friday night. As we were drifting off to sleep after the concert he says "mom, a Tim McGraw concert changes you". Yes, son, yes it does! I remember my first concert & I was changed forever! I don't think Chase was changed like I was...or will be obsessed with Tim's cowboy hat, tight black shirt and tight blue jeans, great laugh, cute smile, or that thing he does hitting his hand on his hip like I am...but he was still changed:) He said hearing someone live is SO different. He thought Tim was OK but now that he has heard him live...he is GREAT! AND he wants to learn the guitar now more than ever. He LOVED watching the band! He was mesmerized. He keeps asking when we are going again. Promising me this time he will stand up & dance with his "crazy mom". Direct quote from Chase!

I love my Daddy...we couldn't have had this awesome, memory making experience without him. It was my Christmas present. I love my Daddy...he has allowed me, no, him & my mom both, have allowed me to make some pretty incredible memories with my boys!

This one, I will never forget...and neither will Chase!

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