Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Blizzard Of 2010

We had to go back 100 years to beat the record! 100 years since ANYTHING like this has happened...and it didn't even happen...we beat it! It was fun at first. Then the shoveling began and it stopped being fun. It was pretty at first. Then the snow plows came and people started getting back out on the road and it isn't pretty anymore. It was a crazy experience. Being snowed in at home with the boys while CJ was snowed in at the restaurant all weekend! Thank God for a hotel attached to him! He was safe & warm! The second blizzard, oh, 3 days later, he was home with us! Thankfully. There are really no words to describe what I may do if it snows again this winter! We have had 3 major snow storms and the last 2 brought 4 feet of snow! 4 FEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, if it snows again, even a little bit, I cannot be held responsible for my actions! I like snow, but I don't live in MinneSNOWta anymore for a reason. Maryland is good for a little bit of snow each year...NOT this. So...if it snows again, family, freinds, you can find me in Hawaii! Enjoy the pictures...the boys enjoyed every second. Even the shoveling. They did NOT like Daddy not being here, except for they got to sleep with mommy for 3 nights in a row:) But now, they think, it is supposed to snow like this every winter. I hope not. I hope those people who are screaming and crying about global warming were stuck in this "snow event" too. Global warming...pshaw!

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